A Neuropsychological assessment examines your cognitive (thinking) abilities.

This involves completing a number of pencil-and-paper and/or computer-based activities that examine different aspects of cognition, while also discussing your developmental, educational and medical history, and drawing upon previous reports where appropriate. The purpose of this is to examine your different cognitive abilities and place them in the context of your own personal history.

At Cogito Psychology, a neuropsychological assessment usually takes between 3 and 5 hours. This is often completed within one appointment, with the opportunity for breaks. Sometimes the assessment will occur over multiple appointments on different days, depending on your preference and the availability of staff. Following this assessment process, a report is prepared, and a feedback appointment arranged (usually within a fortnight) to discuss the results and implications. The feedback may occur over multiple appointments, similar to the assessment.

For clinical assessments, you and your family (where appropriate) are provided a copy of the final report at feedback; the report is also sent to the referring clinician plus others involved in clinical care.



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